Creation Fest 2013

Creation Fest Northwest is officially underway and we have gotten one night completely done! Check out the full photo set for the Newsboys in the link below! Let us know what you think!

Newsboys Creation Fest 2013



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Hey Everyone. We have a busy season ahead of us, and I gotta admit its pretty exciting. Make sure you check out the Tour page to get all of the most updated dates and recent posts as well for the most up to date photo sets! Enjoy!

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Update Time

Hey Everyone, Ive had requests for another update, so here it is. This has been a very busy month in terms of Live shows, Studio Sessions, and Photo Sessions. I’ve had the photos done for a while and now I can finally get them up here now that they have went to all the people that they needed to go to. These photos are from the 9th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am in Encinitas, California. We had a great weekend and can’t wait for next year!

Check out this link for the full Bro-Am Photo Set.

9th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am


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Lion Of War Road Tour

I love this project that I have been so fortunate to go back and forth to Hawaii to be a part of quite regularly for the last year. The Lion of War project, partnered with the University of Nations in Kona, is all encompassing from the Novels by Cliff Graham, to the motion comics by artists around the world with the use of GVS (global virtual studios), to the music, and on to the full motion picture produced by David L. Cunningham and Grant Curtis. It’s about that time that this project goes on the road, and I’m very excited to announce that I will be on the road this summer for a portion of the Lion Of War Road Tour to bring to the light all that has been going on and to help share the vision and to give other people an opportunity to get involved with absolutely fantastic project with a team that has influence world wide and has seen hearts and lives changed on a daily basis.

For more info please check out the following:

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Promo Photo Shoot

Here are a couple sneak peeks at an up and coming photo shoot! Enjoy!


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New Tour Dates!

New Dates Announced!

July 12th and 13th with Switchfoot in Encinitas, CA

July 17th with Jordan Riley in Centralia, WA @ 7:00 pm

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New Partnership

Heres some super cool news. I am officially going to be working with an artist located out of Seattle, WA named Jordan Riley on some of his upcoming shows and tours. He’s a solo artist looking to impact people on an even greater level than he already has. Check him out here!

twitter @jrileymusic

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Hey Everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for your patience while we got the site put back together with all the updates that it needed! There are lots of things coming up on the horizon so stay tuned to get the first glimpse at whats coming down the pipe

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