Spencer Wallace was born into a family saturated with music.  His entire family possess musical talents far beyond what we would consider “incredible”.  So it is only fitting and right that Spencer might follow in the footsteps of those before him.

At the age of 5 Spencer discovered African drums and began his study and  predestined journey of drumming. As a young kid Spencer’s parents and family  did everything they could to open doors in the means of private music education along with modified primary school curriculums so that he could tour and spend his formative teenage years experiencing what would eventually become his profession.

Today, Spencer is amongst the respected drummers in the business. His studio and live credits include some of the biggest names in music including Raquel Cole, Dylan Buchanan and the Jericho Harlot just to name a few. Just take a look at his social media pages and you’ll artistry at work through clips of live and studio performances.